What We Do

The problem in the U.S. and all over the world is families don’t have practical strategies or direction in the area of raising successful children. They are in need of not just more inspiration but winning strategies for their families. 

We solve that problem through 5 simple lessons we rehearse and hold families accountable to:

1- Write the vision. You must know where you are trying to go. Simon Sinek talks about the importance of knowing your destination and it is actually more important than the way to get there. Our roadmap in CWG is Big Brains. Big Muscles. Big Heart. It’s where we start and help you design your personal family dream from there. 

2-Inspire the Shut the fear up mindset Will Smith says that his biggest piece of advice to anyone is “Confront fear everyday”, well our family credo is “Shut The Fear Up and Live your dreams!” There is so much fear surrounding parenting. Are we doing it right, what if we mess up, different personality types and all the articles with different opinions. We help you shut all the fear up surrounding those things so you can be present to what you have and where you are to grow with your child on the parenting journey! 

3- Relentless Winning Mindset principle: A lot of families are lost with no direction because some parents came from broken families themselves and they are left trying to figure out the best winning solutions on their own. We hold you accountable to figuring out who you are and what you truly enjoy so you can do what you love.

4- Teach Gratitude: John Maxwell says that we either learn or learn so NO COMPLAINING! We help our parents renew their mindset to a growth mindset. We show them the strategies they need to get unstuck when they hit the obstacles they will undoubtedly hit on the way to raising successful children. We have to get out of the loser mentality. Find the good in what you have right now so you can grow  to the greater good available in you!

5- Have FUN!!! We hold families accountable to having fun. Enjoying life is something we have to teach our families to do through our living example. We can get very distracted by work or just trying to being successful as a family that we forget to have fun! We help you be intentional with that. Skydive! Travel the country in an RV! Give back to the orphans and widows in Haiti! Play board games! Cook mystery meals together! And always ALWAYS challenge each other to JUST CREATE.