Who We Are

#TeamCochran is an inspiring family based in Jacksonville, Florida. Johnathan Cochran is a veteran and a former law enforcement officer and a proud FSU alumni (Go Noles). Marie Cochran is a great big ball of passion when it comes to 3 things: self leadership, entrepreneurship and  a winning mindset. She is a proud John Maxwell Team Leadership Trainer and loves serving others with a high dose of her energy and zeal for shutting the fear up and living their dreams!

Their children are the fruit of their success and their “why” for all they do.

Children with Goals is a premiere mentoring program for families and youth influencers. We specialize in events and training programs  aimed to help your children overcome fear and anxiety so they can master goal setting and achieving. Our curriculum is influenced by the world’s leaders in personal development and successful living. We have mastered their teaching in our own family and are fully committed to sharing our simple and practical techniques with 1 million families in the next 3 years.

The Fruit

Nathan Cochran

Jasmine Cochran

Nahla Cochran

Athletic History

Nate The Great has won 12 total medals in 7 different track meets. So far, he’s ranked #1 in the North Florida District in the 1500-meter run, 800-meter run and 1500-meter race-walk. He has qualified to compete in this year’s AAU Jr. Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa from July 24th through August 5th.

Princess Jasmine has won 16 total medals in 7 different track meets. She is ranked #1 in the North Florida District in the 1500-meter run, 800-meter run and 400-meter run. She has qualified to compete in this year’s AAU Jr. Olympics.

Nahla Star is a highly decorated track & field prodigy! She is the National Champion with the National Record Holding time in the 800m run in the 6 year old age group. She is ranked #1 in the 1500-meter run, and ranked #1 in the nation in the 1K for cross-country. She qualified and competed in the 2018 AAU Jr. Olympics in the 8 years and under age group despite being ONLY 5 years old.

The Family

“The world needs to know that kids are not all bad and there are some like the Cochran Kids that are doing great things.”  They all have their special gifts and talents. 

We believe they need to be well-known for the things they are doing in their community. They are amazing kids!! Someone is always looking to give and help them get to where they need to be especially financially. 

We know they can inspire so many. Other kids need to see that they are not too young to do great things, because I’m witnessing it in the Cochran children. They are future Olympians that try to inspire kids to be as exceptional as them.”

Team Cochran Kids favorite board game is Monopoly and often host game night for other families to come enjoy with them.

The family has been featured in the Huffington Post and on News 4 Jax. They have shared their story at numerous events. 

The Cochran family is heavily involved in the community. 

1. They partnered with a local nonprofit organization, B.O.A.T.T. (Blessing Others All The Time), to raise funds and give back to the homeless and less fortunate in the Jacksonville community.

2. You will regularly find them serving seniors by tending to their yards, picking up trash and spending time playing games with them.

3. They speak to church groups and at-risk youth groups, empowering them with their family credo “Shut the fear up and live your dreams!”

4. They have raised money for the second year, to support a back to school hair cut drive for boys in Haiti, Barbados and Jamaica.

5. Nathan donated 32 inches of hair to little girls that have lost their hair to cancer.